Advanced Technology

Please take a moment to read about the specialized technology we use at Advanced Care Endodontics to provide the best in Endodontics services and care. Contact us for more information or to schedule an appointment.

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Prexion 3-D Cone Beam CT Imaging


Prexion 3-D combines the highest quality imaging with the most powerful software in the industry, while dramatically reducing radiation exposure. Similar to a cat scan for other parts of the body, this cone beam imaging displays all areas of the dental anatomy at any angle. Information may be viewed in slices as thin as a fraction of a millimeter. This precision allows David J. Harris, DDS, MSD to safely and accurately diagnose and customize patient treatment plans like never before.

Staff member using Prexion dental machine on patient

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Digital radiography

Digital radiography provides a sharp, clear image on the computer screen or monitor. It requires just a fraction of the radiation than traditional film x-rays. Because the images are immediate this expedites treatment and helps us to explain your diagnosis. Digital radiograph at Advanced Care Endodontics

Operating Microscopes

Microscopes provide magnification and fiber optic illumination that is helpful in seeing the tiny details inside of your tooth. This is especially useful in treating calcified teeth, re-treatment of past root canals, and endodontic surgery. The camera inside of the microscope also allows the recording of images of your tooth which is very helpful in documenting the doctor‘s findings or to get a better image of a fracture.  Prexion precision microscope at Advanced Care Endodontics

Patient-Friendly Anesthetic

OraPharma buffering method uses the latest technology in delivering a more patient-friendly anesthetic. OraPharma allows precision and safety in combining customized solutions that will work best to get the patient completely numb in a minimal amount of time. This means fewer delays in getting numb, less time in the dental chair, and faster recovery to return to your normal routine. OnPharma anesthetic

Apex Locators

Apex Locators allow us to efficiently and accurately determine the location where the canal exits the tooth. This is important to cleaning and filling the entire canal. The apex locator also reduces the number of radiographs needed.  Apex locatorApex locator


Ultrasonics are useful for re-treating past root canals, post removal and for performing precision microsurgery.  Ultrasonic handpieces

Nickel Titanium Engine Files

This system is designed to set the new standard in efficient and effective root canal preparation with continuous taper from orifice to apex. This allows for cleaning and shaping the most difficult canals to achieve levels of predictability and performance that is unmatched.  Nickel titanium engine files

Filling Equipment

The Obtura is the very latest in thermoplastic obturation technology. In any tooth there may be accessory canals. The Obtura system allows us to predictably and consistently fill the canals in three dimensions.  Obtura gun

Helios 3000 Led Operating Light

The Helios 3000 LED operating light features advanced color mixing LED technology that delivers a precisely calibrated 3 inch by 6 inch light pattern for optimal illumination of the oral cavity. There is a no cure composite setting, push button Kelvin settings, multiple intensity options, and nearly no radiant heat emission.  Helios LED Operating Light

Pelton & Crane Spirit 3000 Chair

The Spirit 3000 series chair offers the ultimate in patient comfort. The armrests articulate with the angle of the seat back, the adjustable headrest allows for optimum comfort, and the Ergosooth massage technology is a fully integrated dental massaging system. The massaging system can relieve stress in the shoulder and lumbar areas.  Massage dental chair

Solaris Sterilization Center

The Solaris sterilization center is uniquely designed into four staging sections that allow the user to keep each process of sterilization separated. Each stage is divided by a partition to reduce cross contamination and to improve manageable flow between each station. Infection control in our dental office continues to be a high priority for us. Solaris sterilization center