Advanced Care Endodontics Patient Reviews

Francine P.


I went to Dr. Harris’ office today for a root canal. I am a very sensitive dental patient and he and his staff made me feel comfortable and cared for. Thank you so much!

Kayla R.


I had a root canal with Dr. Harris on Saturday. I am 7 months pregnant, and was uneasy about the pain. Not to mention, I HATE dental work, and had never had a root canal. He was so friendly and easygoing from the moment I walked in, not to mention the staff was awesome as well. They gave me plenty of reassurance and Novocaine, which made me not feel a thing! I felt a slight pinch about half way through and he completely stopped to administer more numbing agents. They truly care about patients and their comfort! Hopefully, I never have to get another root canal, but if I do, I will DEFINITELY come here again.

Alan W


The team at Dr. Harris’ office were friendly and professional. They took time with me as I don’t get around as well as I used to…they made me feel at home and comfortable. My root canal was over before I knew it and the Dr/staff were very gentle…I didn’t feel a thing! I highly recommend Dr. Harris to everyone!

Marilyn W.


This is the second time I required the expertise of Dr. Harris. He is an excellent practitioner. Other than the temporary discomfort of the required oral injections, the root canal was a painless procedure. The professional and caring staff is a wonderful bonus. I highly recommend this endodontist.

Lisa Q


I wanted to take a minute to thank you all for your patience and kindness while trying to determine why I was in such pain. Thank you, Dr. Harris, for not jumping in and doing a root canal you did not think was necessary…I am thankful you are familiar with [my condition]…you referred me on to a specialist…and I am now pain free.

Evelyn E (BBB.com)


Extremely positive experience with Dr. Harris. His staff is compassionate, friendly, and helpful. I would recommend (him) to anyone.

Nancy K 


What a nice experience the Root Canal procedure turned out to be! The entire staff was so pleasant and reassuring. We are genuinely impressed with Doctor Harris!

Teckel T. (YP.com)


Doctor Harris and his staff have to be the nicest team of medical professionals currently working in NE Ohio. I only wish he did more than just root canals, because he’s the friendliest dentist I’ve ever met. Not only was the procedure entirely painless (I didn’t even need pain medicine in the days following), he and his assistant actually had me cracking up in the chair with all their funny stories. Definitely go to Dr. Harris if you’re even the least bit squeamish about getting your root canal done (like I was), and need someone who will put you totally at ease!

Sherry K.


“Thank you” is all I can say about the experience I had when you performed a root canal for my teenage daughter. I was able to get an immediate appointment, your staff was thorough and beyond professional, and your technique was amazing. My daughter had no discomfort or swelling, and she was right back to school the next morning with no after effects. To say I’m impressed is an understatement, and I’ll be sure to recommend you to anyone I learn is in need of your services. Thanks again.

Doug M.


Thank you for taking such good care of me on 2/21 when I came into your office to get a root canal. I was impressed how professional and compassionate everyone was to me. I especially liked the nice waiting room, staying with the patient while the numbing agent took effect, everyone’s sense of humor, and making sure I got to the chair alright to discuss things after the procedure.

Jim T. 


Thank you Dr. Harris and Erica for taking time from your evening to perform the root canal. There was no pain during the procedure and even when the lidocaine effects were gone, I still felt no pain, have no residual swelling or any adverse symptoms. You made this procedure comfortable and performed with a high degree of professionalism. You get 5 stars!!

Paula O.


I am so thankful that we have Dr. Harris as our endodontist. First, his staff is the best! Jessica, Diane, Erica, and Sylvia make you feel like you are family…I can’t say enough about them. David J. Harris DDS, MSD is an artist when it comes to root canals…I don’t think anyone likes them, but he makes it as painless as any procedure can be. You can see the time and effort he puts into it being perfect and his equipment is state of the art. The banter between he and Jessica is so comical that you forget where you are and what you are having done. I would highly recommend Dr. Harris to anyone looking for an endodontist.

Marcia K


I just had not one, but two root canals done at this office. Who knew that it would be not only the best painless treatment, but it was fun as well!! Even my dentist remarked how great my procedure was done when he filled the teeth afterwards. You are a very caring, fun group and loved the atmosphere of the office. It is also comforting to know that he uses the most up to date equipment. Kudos to Dr. Harris and staff!!

Sue T


I just wanted to thank you again for turning an apprehensive dental appointment into a pleasant experience. Your staff and chairside were delightful and your front desk employees were extremely informative and had very positive, upbeat attitudes!

Mike S. 


Quality ~ Excellent. I had never had a root canal before I went to Dr. Harris. I really hate going to the dentist. Dr. Harris and his dental team were excellent at calming me and explaining the procedure that would take place. I honestly felt no pain during the entire procedure. After he was done the anesthetic wore off in less than 2 hours and I was absolutely pain free. No effects from the root canal at all. I felt like I had not even had anything done that day. I am 4 days out and still have no pain or any effects from the procedure except that I am totally pain free from my tooth problem. Outstanding job! It was even less stressful and faster recovery than a simple filling. Thank you Dr Harris. I highly recommend you use him for a root canal if you are considering one or recommended to have one.

Jill S 


Quality ~ Excellent. I was referred to Dr. Harris from my regular dentist, [I was] assured that Dr. Harris was as gentle as he was. I was hopeful going into my appointment, however I’ve had many painful root canals in the past so I was a bit nervous. Dr. Harris did an amazing job! I barely felt the shots for the numbing. The whole process was less than an hour. Dr. David J. Harris also has a great sense of humor which made the time go quickly. I would strongly recommend this practice to anyone.

Paula O 


Quality ~ Excellent. My experience at the office of Dr. Harris was beyond what I expected. The staff is friendly, professional, and efficient. The office is beautiful and immediately put me in an environment that was so pleasant considering the pain I was in. I had been to Dr. Harris in 2007 and was glad I researched his office again for this visit. He is professional, personable, and explains what and why things needed to be done. My mind was put at ease with his up-to-date equipment showing me more than any normal x-ray could. I knew exactly why I was in pain and what I needed to do to correct it. While I am not looking forward to an extraction and implant, Dr. Harris gave me the confidence to know I have no other option. Thank you Dr. Harris and staff for a truly professional experience. I would recommend your office to anyone.

Emily K.


“We just wanted to say thank you again for everything you’ve done for us. You were kind, courteous, and helpful even at times when we knew it was inconvenient for you. You have been a blessing to us and we just wanted to let you know we are very grateful.”

Tracy F.


Thank you hardly seems like enough for the pain you took away for me last week. I am so grateful to you all for getting me in so quickly, being so kind and making the procedure pain free. You guys kept me entertained throughout and made the time go by quickly. This Thanksgiving I am super thankful for people like you who make a living easing tooth aches!”

John O. 


“I was going to start my post with “my root canal hurt less….”. In order to make a comparison, however, it had to have some sort of pain associated with it, which it did not. Thanks a bunch for making a must-do uneventful.

Beth R.


Dr. Harris recently performed a tough root canal for me. His staff is so friendly and professional and I think the procedure went well. It took a little bit longer than my last one to settle down but every tooth is different. I appreciated that he did it, first of all, and took the time to listen to my concerns about the tooth. The office is gorgeous – they have coffee and drinks in the lobby and even back massagers in the chairs. For all of you equestrians, he owns horses and the office is decorated with everything equine. This is a short drive south of Hudson and very easy to get to. The price was reasonable, at least compared to my last one with my dentist. It is obvious that a lot of money is spent on equipment and training.

rwstow (YP.com)


“Not what you would expect!!!! Very kind doctor with an amazing supporting staff.  I was invited to stop back any time for coffee and a snack and I will go back to sit and relax. What an amazing afternoon. Thank you!!!”